About Us

The Management

Tuticorin Salt & Marine Chemicals Ltd was founded by late Shri. Marthi. R. Mannariah, during the year 1918 in Tuticorin, a Port city in South India. It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company during 1946.

After him, his son Shri. Marthi. M. Subrahmanyam took over the affairs of the company and the company saw a very straight forward entrepreneur who set high standards in maintaining the quality of salt.

Then, Shri. M.S. Prakash, a law graduate, took over the helm of affairs. He was instrumental in modernizing the salt works and during the year 1995-96, a state-of- art Free Flow Iodized Salt Refinery was installed using Swiss Technology.

Now, Shri. M.P. Dileep & Shri. M.P. Deepak, the fourth generation entrepreneurs and who are engineering graduates, have joined the management and have implemented new and advanced technologies in scrapping and refining of Salt.

The Company

Tuticorin Salt & Marine Chemicals Ltd., was founded in the year 1918 and is manufacturing Salt for over 95 years now. It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company during the year 1946. Over the years, we have a developed a sound infrastructure and grown substantially to provide our professional services to many satisfied clients.

Our well defined business operations and ultra-modern infrastructure helps us to carry out all our business related process in an efficient way and provide timely delivery of the products to end clients. The technical know-how coupled with the vast experience of our management team has been the driving force behind our success.

Quality is our Motto and we strive to maintain high quality levels by continuous improvement & development in our production system. We manufacture our products under stringent quality control measures besides we have made considerable investment in technology to elevate our standard of quality. We also ensure to provide our consumers with quality products that are reliable and those that match international standards.

Owing to our qualitative product, market-leading prices and ethical business dealing, we have gained a huge client base across the markets. We have earned good industrial customers like Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals (TAC), Dharangadhara Chemical Works (DCW), Travancore- Cochin Chemicals (TCC), Rayalaseema Alkalies etc.

Salt Production

We have about 1000 acres of land along the coast of Tuticorin and presently about 70,000 Metric Tonnes of salt is being harvested every year. We are also in the process of developing additional areas and the company is aiming to cross a production of 1 lakh Metric tones per annum shortly.

Free Flow Salt Refinery

During the year 1995-96, the Company had installed a State-of-art Free Flow Salt Refinery, using SWISS Technology and currently we have a production capacity of about 55,000 M.T of Free Flow Iodised Salt per annum.

Raw Salt from our own Salt Pans is subjected to three stage washing, to remove all physical impurities. Care is taken to see that our Salt is adequately Iodised, so that our customers consume Salt that is sufficiently Iodised, which prevents them from Iodine Deficiency Disorders.

Our team always ensures proper hygiene during the processing and packaging of the product, so that the nutritional value and purity of the product are retained.