Our salt is highly pure and hygienic, as scrapping and transportation of salt from Salt Pans is done using mechanized methods and the Salt is untouched by human hands from scrapping till packing.

We are marketing Free Flow Iodized Salt in all 4 southern states under our brand name "SOLAR". Both 1 Kg & ½ Kg SKUs’ are available.

In addition to that, we also pack Free Flow Iodized Salt for MNC customers like ITC "Aashirvaad" and TATA "i – Shakti". Our clientele list also include many other regional brands who source their Free Flow Iodised Salt from us.

Other range of Salt includes:

  • Industrial Salt for Chlor-Alkali Industries
  • Road De-icing Salt
  • Water Softner Salt for Water Treatment Plants
  • Refined Salt for Fabric/yarn/coir Dyeing Industry
  • Triple Refined Iodised Salt for Food Industry
  • Triple Refined Iodised Salt in Consumer packing e.t.c